Welcome Mazda Miata MX-5 "Roadster Enthusiasts"


Got a Miata? Come join us for some fantastic fun and meet some great people!

The Niagara Miata Club of Western New York was founded in 1990 for owners who love their Miata, who love to drive their Miata and enjoy getting together with other Miata owners. Our membership currently stands at 124 individuals with 70 cars.

We sponsor monthly events such as Dinner Meetings, Ice Cream Cruise-In Nights and fun drives to local dining spots. Annually, we have our March Warm-up Breakfast, "Kick -Off" Brunch, Club Picnic and Members' Banquet during which we have a voluntary fundraiser for a local charity. We especially like to plan drives in our Miatas over some of the best scenic, twisty back roads we can find.

Overnight trips are also one of our highlights. We have traveled to Lancaster, PA, South Hartford, CT, Johnson City, TN, Annapolis, MD, Cleveland, OH, Alexandria Bay, NY, Old Forge, NY, West Point & Hudson Valley, NY, Charlestown, SC and Asheville, NC to name a few, as well as our annual trip to Watkins Glen for the Grand Prix Festival in September. Members have often participated in the Opening Day Charity Laps at Watkins Glen International Race Track in April.

Our monthly newsletter, the Miatatude, this website, plus emails keep our membership well informed during the year. Below is a sample copy of our July 2016 newsletter for your viewing by clicking once on the "1 attachment" and then once on the file name.

To see for yourself, take a look at some of our pictures in our Photo Gallery on this site. You are welcome to stop by and say hello at one of our Ice Cream Cruise-In Nights.

So if this sounds like something that you would like to get involved in, we’d love to hear from you. Join us...........and Join in the Fun. Simply fill out and sign the membership application, which can be downloaded from this website and send to the address on the form along with a check for $25.00. This covers you and your significant other for one year.

A special thanks goes out to Mazda USA for their continued support and congratulations on your terrific new 4th generation (ND) 2017 Miata RF model!

Niagara Miata Club does not accept applications from businesses nor from individuals who represent businesses or those who seek to obtain any personal information about our membership for reasons other than club activities. Niagara Miata Club does not accept any paid advertising. You must own a Miata to join and maintain your membership.

2017 New Membership Application


Sorry the "Membership Application" link in the menu isn't working at the moment...New Membership Form attached below, just click on "1 Attachment" to access file.

Niagara Miata Club Guest Release Form


Attached you will find the Niagara Miata Club Release Form. Signed Release Forms are required when a member invites a non-member to a club event (excluding ice cream nights).

The member who invites a guest should explain the club rules (no speeding, no passing unless waved on, etc). It is the inviting member's responsibility to obtain the form, have his/her guest sign the form and present it to the event host.

This is a requirement PRIOR to a non-member participating in a club event.


Bill Lyon, President
Melissa Chwojdak, Treasurer
Dennis Klimko, Events Coordinator
Rick Smith, Miatatude Editor
Carl Jennings, Membership Chairperson
Ron Frank, Founder & Historian

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New Website Info


Here you will find the same basic information as before, namely the calendar and some pictures, but now there are some neat additional features. The website is now running on a content management system called Drupal. Drupal makes it easy for me to manage the website and for you (the club members) to control the content.

Here are some of the new features of the website: